How WWW and Internet are different?


Though World Wide Web (WWW) is commonly called as Internet from people around the world, they are entirely different in technological part, which is one of the latest technology trends in magazines.

Internet is simply the connected network of networks across the globe via wired and wireless technologies.

WWW is an overall collected resource of all linked pages via web browser and internet.

WWW is invented by English Physicist Sir Tim Berners-Lee and he successfully continued web standards development and projects.

WWW is the way of accessing information through the medium of internet.

The web uses HTTP protocol to transfer information or data, to exchange logic’s, access documents and so on.

Similar to this, Wi-Fi is also called as Internet by people. Wi-Fi is nothing but, the replacement of wired cables in network connectivity.

Today, web is used for different purposes like, online shopping, weather reports, information sharing, news, social networking, business advertising agencies, online games and much more.

The web is a portion of Internet, which is used to send emails via SMTP protocol, to address instant messaging and FTP control protocols.

Simple example:

  1. Internet: One could send data or documents through internet between connected networks of remote computers, but the communication was one way, as the other user could read papers and there was possibility of duplicate documents.
  2. WWW: With WWW, every information are stored centrally and two way communication between users is enabled and creates individual space over the web.

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