Why Bananas are curved?


Banana is an edible fruit and used for cooking in various countries, which is elongated and curved in shape with a variety of colors and size, which is present in one of the world news articles and magazine.

Usual shape of the fruit is curved in nature, scientifically because of Negative Geotropism, which means growing against the gravity force.

Though flowers grow towards the ground at the initial stage, the growing seeds (Banana) gently curve towards sunlight (against the gravity), because necessary sunlight is required for the fruit to grow better.

If suppose, the fruit grows towards the ground, the tree has to provide enough sunlight energy to all seeds, where imbalance occur and trees may fall off. Hence, banana grows towards the light preserving the plant.

Basically, Bananas are rich in fiber, potassium, magnesium, calcium, vitamins C, B6, and other beneficial chemical compounds. They are low in calories and have no fat, no cholesterol.

Eating Banana fruit before doing exercise may improve health balance and muscle fitness throughout.

Bananas float in water, as like apple because of the air space present in the fruit.

The Banana Club Museum, located in Mecca, has the largest collection of about 17,000 banana items.

Banana is commonly called “fruit of the wise men”.

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