Is Volleyball – a Fusion Game!..


Volleyball is one of the oldest game invented in 1895 by William G Morgan, from the knowledge of other games elements and playing methods, which is present in one of the popular Sports News headlines.

The game was first played in the United States, where the game possess 2 teams of 6 players each divided with a net in the playing court.

The game was first calledMintonette” and later the name was derived as “Volleyball”, since the players used to volley the ball back and forth over the net.

William G Morgan had an idea of inventing a new game from the combination of baseball, handball, basketball and tennis with less physical contact delivering great exercise for human body and thus the conclusion is the invention of Volleyball.

Volleyball became an Olympic sport in 1964.

In 1900, the first special ball for the game was designed.

It is estimated that any Volleyball player jumps as an average of 300 times in a match.

The first Beach volleyball medals were introduced in 1996.

Studies states that, the second most popular game played around the world next to Soccer is Volleyball.

The longest ever recorded Volleyball game took 75 hours and 30 minutes of play in Kingston, North Carolina.

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