Do Violent People have low Cholesterol?..


Study states that, people who are more violent in nature, tend to have very low cholesterol level in their body, which is one of the news in medical answering service.

Golomb and colleague’s study of 79,777 patients reveals that, violent and terrific criminals have always the low cholesterol levels compared to non-violent people.

Also it is found that, low cholesterol people commit suicide more frequent than high cholesterol ones.

This low cholesterol level might lower the risk of heart attacks.

Research unveils the same conclusion that, low cholesterol level leads to higher rates of depression or symptoms.

Cholesterol plays a vital role in many aspects like ,

  • Cholesterol prevents Aggression,
  • Cholesterol fights against Cancer,
  • Cholesterol prevents Hemorrhagic Stroke,
  • Cholesterol is needed for good Memory
  • Cholesterol fights against Infection.

Low Cholesterol links to impulsive behaviors like suicide, violence besides depression and associated symptoms.

Our body needs Cholesterol to make Vitamin D, and it plays major role in digestion of food.

The two main types of Cholesterol are, LDL (Low Density Lipo protein) and HDL (High Density Lipo protein).

LDL is considered as BAD Cholesterol, which can clog arteries and HDL is considered as GOOD Cholesterol, which helps bringing LDL from the blood to liver for the removal process.

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