Vampire bats – survive from animals blood!.


Bats are the only mammals in Earth, which can fly around. These common bats are nocturnal, lives in dark places like hollow trees, caves or old wells and is one of the amazing facts about animals.

Vampire bats are the species of bats, that survives by drinking the bloods of other animals like cows, pigs, horses, birds and occasionally human’s blood.

Without drinking animal’s blood, vampire bats are about to die in two nights.

Female vampire bats form associations with one another and maintain for long years.

Special nature of these bats is, it adopts younger bats, when a mother bat is no longer alive or found helpless.

These bats suck blood continuously for 30 minutes without disturbing the animal.

Unlike normal bats, vampire bats can walk, run and jump.

For every night, vampire bats drink blood half the weight of their body.

Some vampire bats are found quiet and friendly to humans.

They sucks blood by cutting a small porting of animal’s body with their teeth.

They possess good eyesight, where they can see any animal from a distance of 130 meters.

These bats are more clean and found frequently grooms themselves.

Generally vampire bats fly 1 meter off the ground.

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