Used papers recycled into white sheets for the 1st time!.


For the first time, Printer Making Giant Epson revealed  a new machine, which could turn all used papers into fresh and pure white sheets, that can be used again.

When feeding used paper into this machine, fresh papers of around 14 pages per minute will be spit out.

The “compact office paper making system” can recycle paper without water (Dry fiber technology).

Infact the company said, it needs small amount of water in order to maintain humidity within machine.

Implementing this machine could save money for large industries involved with papers.

There was no assurance made, how many used papers will make one fresh paper. However, it delivers 6720 fresh papers per 8 hours of working day.

All the points are considered in PaperLab of Epson in manufacturing and maintenance.

The recycling of  paper involves three steps,

  • First step destroys the used paper and converts into fiber.
  • In Second step, fibers are bound with material to make strength and whiteness.
  • Third step involves pressuring to get final product.

In all the steps, destruction of confidential papers are done securely.

Here the production of papers are done at a high speed with various category outputs like  A4,A3,etc.

This system of Epson is energy-saving, accuracy and high performance in Latest Electronic Technology.

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