Suyash Dixit – King of a Kingdom with no people!


Suyash Dixit, an Indian man became king of an unclaimed land in Egypt-Sudan border in Northern Africa and he declared himself as King of the “Kingdom of Dixit” was one of the latest news in Names of famous people magazine.

Suyash Dixit was a Community leader at Google Developers, Indore, worked at Microsoft Student Partners and worked in Zomato tech team

Suyash Dixit visited Bir Tawil earlier this month, which is in the Egypt-Sudan border and he planted some sunflower seeds and watered them.

A traditional way to claim ownership of an unclaimed land” is by pouring seeds and watering them (growing crops) – stated Suyash.

The land Bir Tawil (2060 sq km) is uninhabited neither by Egypt nor Sudan.

Suyash also designed a flag for his country.

Suyash declared his father Suyog Dixit as acting Prime Minister and Military head for the “Kingdom of Dixit”.

Government posts, Foreign investment, Nationality applications are open for anyone around the world.

It is not easy to discover such a land, as Dixit traveled 319 km through the desert via dangerous routes after getting permission from Military department of Egypt and Sudan.

Suyash posted a final message saying, “I own a country now and its time to write an email to United Nations”.

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