Stones that grow in Romania – Trovants


It’s surprise to notice these stones Trovants in Romania, which grows and multiply within the region, present in one of the World News Articles.

These stones are highly hard at the core and the outer layer is made up of sand, which are cemented by water enriched with calcium carbonate.

The scientific reason behind the growth and multiplication of these stones is, the presence of water rich calcium carbonate sand layers outside.

During heavy rain, the chemicals present in stone, absorb minerals of rain drops and creates pressure and reaction from its core.

Later, due to the chemical reaction, the stone grows and multiply in the range of 4-5 cm in 1000 years.

These Trovants are irregular in shape, multiply and grow with inconsistent shapes.

Trovants are believed to move from one place to another.

These stones are used for building tombstones and making souvenirs by local people.

Trovants are located in Russia, Kazakhstan, Czech Republic and so on.

Studies states that, these stones are formed because of earthquakes occurred six million years ago.

These Trovants are protected at the “Trovants Museum“, a Natural Reserve which run by Kogayon association. And the museum is located inside Costesti village which is under the control of UNESCO.

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