Soichiro Honda, the founder of Honda had no normal Education


Soichiro Honda, who was the founder of Honda motorcycles and automobiles, spent his early childhood days by helping his father’s bicycle repair business and he is found in the Names of famous people in magazines today.

Honda was not interested in traditional education of following school syllabus and homework.

During his school days, grade reports were issued to children and provided those reports to be returned with family seal (ensuring parents acknowledgement).

Since Honda’s family didn’t have family seal, Honda created seal out of bicycle rubber pedal cover and helped some of his friends.

His fraud was later discovered because of non- mirror imaged seal and he didn’t caught up.

Even as an infant, Honda was surprised by the first car entered his village with an ever forgettable oil it gave off.

One day Soichiro borrowed his father’s bicycle for demonstrating how airplane was made by pilot, Art Smith, which initiates his love towards invention and machinery.

At the age of 15, Honda left his home and worked as a car mechanic in order to start his own auto repair business.

In the “1st Japan Automobile Race” held in 1936, he was crashed and seriously injured his left eye.

And years later, Honda started his business by producing piston rings for Toyota.

During World War II, his manufacturing plant was attacked by bombers. Hence, Honda sold remains of the company to Toyota.

Without giving up, Honda foundedHonda Technical Research Institute” and started producing complete motorized bicycle, the type A and later manufactured type D.

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