Robot operates inside eyes and restore sight!


For the world’s first time, robot operates inside eyes and helps in restoring sight back to normal which is one of the Latest Electronic Technology.

Surgeons suggest that, this technology results better for complex eye surgery than hand based surgeries.

The Preceyes surgical robot was founded by a Dutch company.

Some team at Oxford’s John Radcliffe Hospital used this robotic device, handled through a joystick control to remove membranes, that is 1/100th of millimeter thick.

Patient Bill Beaver is the first person to have this surgery and succeeded.

The working mechanism involves, moving tiny robot through a very small hole of eye wall at the back of eye with great precision.

The surgeon handles joystick and touch-screen to move the thin needle into eye, during monitoring.

This robot has 7 motors and acts as a mechanical hand during surgery.

Large movement of joystick results in slower movement of robot inside the eye.

This device restores central vision in right eye for Patient Bill Beaver.

When human hand surgery face difficulties/impossibilities with delicate and more complex operations, this robot may be allowed to operate.

There is an ongoing project on trialing retinal gene therapy in Oxford, a new study/treatment to prevent blindness.

Present treatment is done by hand and future technology involves stem cell injections, where cells are infused into eyes.

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