How Octopus Arms acts as Brain?


Octopuses are ocean creatures which possess eight arms, bulbous heads and distinctly three hearts and blue blood in their body, which is one of the amazing facts about animal Octopus.

Octopus is found to be little intelligent, which uses tools during prey attack and protects themselves from predators.

Octopus arms have special suction cups on the bottom side, which helps in exploring food and cracking preys.

Interesting fact is 2/3 of the neurons (brain cells) are found in their arms, which helps in focusing food and other activities even more faster.

These animals are more sensitive towards the sense of touch, where receptors of suckers in arms may taste at the time of touching.

Their body is very soft and contains no skeletons or protective shell membranes. Thus, they get settle inside any cracks and holes easily.

Octopus possess parrot like sharp beak on underside of arms-meeting point, which is the only hard part of their body.

These animals prefer to crawl than swimming, since their organs which delivers blood stop beating during swimming.

The most common Octopus weighs 6.6 to 22 lbs and 12 to 36 inches length.

The giant Pacific Octopus is the largest one in the record which grows to 16 feet long and weighs around 110 lbs, where the one with 600 lbs weight was recorded in the history so far.

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