There is No Game clock for Baseball!.


Baseball is one of the most common and popular Game among Americans. It is a bat-ball game played between two teams, described in Sports News Headlines.

Each team has nine players. The batting team hits against fielder team and counts run by counter – clockwise around 4 base series – first, second, third and home plate.

The game has no Clock or fixed time to complete. And it ends up with innings base,  almost by  9th innings.

Batting and fielding switches between teams for every record of 3 outs.

The game is composed of 9 innings and the team with more runs wins the game.

Baseball has its origin from England and were brought by immigrants to North America.

Baseball is the national game of USA, played by more number of people from America and Canada.

Some states, Baseball was originated from Rounders (Early game of England) and some other states it evolved from stoolball.

In 1871, the professional Baseball league was born. And teams were divided into National League and American League.

The victorious team from each League was said to won “Pennant“.

The Pennant winners from each League meet in world series and those wins at-least 4 games was the Champion of that particular year.

In the late 20th century, Baseball appeared as both sports and  business for the people.

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