Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan – Japanese hotel since 705 AD!.


Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan is a Japanese hot spring hotel in Yamanashi prefecture operating since 705 AD, which is found in one of the popular world news articles.

The name Keiunkan to the inn is because, it was founded during Keiun era.

It is found that the hotel crossed over 52 Japanese generations of the same family for more-than 1300 years and is the oldest hotel and oldest companies in active operation.

The hotel was established by the son of an aid to an emperor, which is Fujiwara Mahito.

The hotel is situated at the foot of Akaishi Mountains in a remote valley, wrapped with the views of natural atmosphere.

The historic hotel has approximately 35 rooms.

There is no internet or wifi facility available and staying in the hotel is all about relaxation and wondering nature.

There are 4 open-air baths with mountains at its surroundings.

The hotel is tatami (traditional mats) floored.

Every guests are provided with robes to wear and outdoor shoes are not permitted once they enter into hotel.

Guests to the hotel are almost everyone including politicians to samurai.

The hotel was recently renovated in 1997.

Also in 2011, this hotel was formally recognized as World’s oldest hotel by the Guinness World Records.

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