Did Neil Armstrong take Football to Moon ?.


The game Football is the world’s most popular sport, where around one billion fans watch Football world cup on television and always had in the top Sports News Headlines.

Though, many sources suggest that, Football was introduced  in England, there are scientific evidence from military manuals describing the origin of Football in China.

Military manuals in China described an exercise called “Tsu Chu“, where opponents wore leather ball filled with hair and feathers around 476 B.C.

Similarly, many other countries like Egypt, Greece played the game with variations.

Another variation of this game is still played in Japan as “Japanese Kemari“.

Neil Armstrong was supposed to take football to moon, where NASA refused it. Because they felt it would be un-American.

Until 1913, Football goalies wore the same colored shirts as their team mates.

It is estimated that, Football players run an average of 9.65 km during an active game.

First ever basketball was played with soccer ball.

Pele, the professional footballer from Brazil was the first to call Football as “the beautiful game“.

Americans and Canadians call football as “Soccer“.

In-fact, the name Soccer is derived from “Association Football” shortened to “Assoc Football” and finally ended with “Soccer“.

One of the leading manufacturers of football is Pakistan.

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