NASA – to fight against an Asteroid attack on Earth!.


An Asteroid named Bennu is expected to hit Earth according to the studies, which is one the Latest Technology Trends in news today.

The Asteroid is found to be moved out of position from gravitational pull and can cause vast hazardous effect in 1 out of 2700 chances ratio.

This hitting may take place in another 150 years(2135) and cause a huge disaster.

NASA’s OSIRIS-REx Mission with assistance from University of Arizona, planned to launch unmanned spacecraft to Bennu on September 8, which will reach on August 2018.

The mission will start from Cape Canaveral, Florida on Atlas V 411 rocket.

It will find its way towards Bennu after one year of orbiting around the Sun.

Later, the group of rocket adjusts themselves with the velocity of Bennu to coincide with its time and place.

After a year of close inspection, the spacecraft touches the surface of Bennu gently to collect samples for availing information.

An arm from spacecraft touches Bennu for 5 minutes and releases nitrogen gas, so that material from Bennu will be moved slightly and gets collected.

And OSIRIS-REx will initiate its return to Earth in March 2021 after collecting samples and predicted to reach Earth in September 2023.

After the collection of samples, NASA’s team will conduct analysis to meet the hazardous effect and for future scientific studies and research.

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