Why Mobile phones have a tiny Motor?


All Mobile phones consist of a tiny Motor affixed inside their body to function vibrating alert notification.

This vibrating option is a common feature available inside all mobile phones and pagers nowadays and functioned when there is an incoming connection to the user, which is one of the significant electronic news of mobile phones.

Vibrating technology is discovered in order to assist users, when they face problem in hearing ring tone or requires a discreet notification alert.

This vibration alert option in mobile phones is handled with a small motor, which is partially off-balanced in the center of axis of rotation.

The working mechanism includes, an improper weight is distributed to motor’s axis and when motor is supposed to operate/rotate, the irregular distributed weight causes phone to vibrate in its shaft axis.

When vibration option is selected, the panel supplies power to this shaft and thus, motor starts rotate with an unbalanced weight, causing vibration effect on mobile phones.

However, turning ON vibration alert doesn’t saves battery power.

This alert would be more louder than a ring tone, when the mobile phone is placed in a hard surface.

These motors are very tiny as 4mm across and 10mm long, having a shaft under 1mm in diameter.

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