Mineral water consumed from shops are just tap water!..


Mineral water contains various minerals like salts, sulfur compounds, magnesium, calcium, etc.. and consumed from spring which is included under a Medical Assistance Program.

The water which are bottled in shops are commonly called “Mineral water“. Actually they are not.

The bottled water which are available in shops are known as “Packaged drinking water” or “Bottled water“.

These are tap water or drinking water bottled and carbonated (dissolving carbon dioxide under pressure) in plastic bottles with various size ranges.

Since it is uncommon for any agency to visit directly the springs, mountains to collect natural mineral water, normal drinking water are packaged.

Infact, there are many natural Mineral water companies available in the market.

So, to recognize mineral water from normal packaged drinking water from shops is a better idea.

BIS (The Bureau of Indian Standards) differentiates water into: Mineral water and Packaged water with BIS code specification.

Packaged Natural Mineral water: Example: IS 13428 is a packaged mineral water and can be remembered with the first two digits as 13 for mineral water.

Packaged Drinking water: IS 14543 is a packaged drinking water and can be remembered with the first two digits as 14 for drinking water.

Every packaged water bottle carries this BIS code nearby the ISI bar code symbol.

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