How Ladislao Jose Biro’s invention of ballpoint pen helped WWII?.


Ladislao Jose Biro born in Austria-Hungary on 29th September 1899, invented world’s first ballpoint pen commercially and he is in the popular names of famous people.

Biro was initially a journalist, inventor and a painter, who had disgusting experience with fountain pens in writing journals, hence collected information of pens from newspaper printing press.

He started creating Biro (ballpoint pen), under the nameEterpen“.

This Biro pen was covered with a thin ink film from cartridge when it contacts with paper and spun. But, implementation of this idea with fountain pen was failed.

Ballpoint pen works with the metal made from steel or brass and rotates when contacted with paper, pulls ink from cartridge, a pressurized tube.

Before the invention of ballpoint pen, pens used nib and watery ink (so called India ink).

John Loud is the first person to invent this ballpoint pen, but it was failed to pass as commercial product, later Biro had gone comprehensive studies and finally delivered into commercial product.

This pen is also called “ballpoint pen” in US, whereas in other countries like UK, Australia, Ireland, the pen was so called “Biro” after the founder name.

This Biro pen has a significant role in World War II, where these pens are used to write in higher altitudes, since fountain pens are not effective means to use.

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