Hydrogen from algae for future cars!


Hydrogen gas is found to be the optimal fuel for the future world since, it controls air pollution and global warming in our environment.

Advanced to Hydrogen gas fuel, Hydrogen collected from algae are found to support future cars and vehicles with incredible clean energy and is one of the popular Latest technology inventions today.

Researchers from Tel Aviv University founded new algae strains, which could produce 5 times more hydrogen than current methods.

These algae emit hydrogen during photosynthesis.

The leader of the research team, Iftach Yacoby states, there are certain types of algae which emit more hydrogen during day time with the help of enzyme hydrogenase.

These micro-algae releases more hydrogen when hydrogenase breaks down with the exposure to oxygen.

The team is undergoing various research to increase the amount of hydrogen/hydrogenase from algae with the modification of micro organisms via genetic method.

It is found that, the new algae strains could generate 400% more hydrogenase than normal algae.

More different species of micro algae are expected to get cultivated from the research.

When the research becomes successful in driving cars and vehicles using algae hydrogen, there are more opportunities to use this fuel in industrial sectors for better clean environment and power consumption in the near future.

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