Hornbills – birds that lock their family in nests!.


Hornbills are birds found in tropical Africa, Asia and Melanesia, which resembles cross between stork and woodpecker, found in a magazine under, Amazing facts about animals.

They have a long, down-curved bills and they are brightly colored sometimes.

The first and second neck vertebrae are fused together only with these type of birds, especially to carry their bill.

Many female Hornbills involve in the construction of their nest than male hornbills.

After constructing the successful nest cavity, female Hornbills and chicks are sealed inside the nest, where male Hornbills feed them with fruits, frogs, insects and other foods.

The male Hornbills keep the nest sealed by building a barrier with bird droppings, sticks, clays and soil.

The female Hornbills and chicks could extend their bills to receive food items through the barrier of their nests.

This imprisonment protects the female Hornbills and chicks from other nest predators.

When chicks are ready to fly, imprisonment is open for them.

This also prevents mating of female Hornbills from other males.

Their large eyelashes acts as sunshade and protects their eyes.

The bill intrudes the vision of hornbills, since they possess binocular vision, unlike other birds.

These Hornbills generally travels in pairs or with their small family groups.

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  1. Very interesting activities about birds.I am waiting for more interesting posts which reveal more amazing facts about their wonderful flying world.

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