Why Google owned 466453.com?


Google is a misspelled word. Original term is “Googol” which is the mathematical term represents the number 1 followed by 100 zeros.

It’s pretty good to know that Google once owned 466453.com web address. The reason behind this is so simple.

When you type Google with misspelling like “gogole.com”, “gooogle.com” it certainly redirects to the official web address “google.com”.

This is because, many users misspell and type Google word as Gogole, gooogle, etc,, To convert the users to Google, the redirection was done.

Similar to this, when we had basic GPRS mobile and when connect to Google page, those keys in Keypad used are 4666666455533.

Understanding the above problem of bell keypad, technology has been revised with the introduction of Automatic word prediction dictionary term in keypad.

Thus, with the advanced keypad, if you want to go Google page, you had to type simply “466453” and search.

To simplify this problem, Google owned the web address “466453.com” and so when you type “466453.com”, you will be redirected to “Google.com” which was listed under the Latest Technology Inventions.

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    1. Hey Anna, this is a great prompt! Your examples are great. I am having a ball reading the poems in reply to the prompt. Unnutrofately, my poetic batteries are unsynched at the moment, so I don’t think I’ll be able to post anything. I am sorry. I thought I’d let you so that you don’t think me anitisocial. Now, off to read more…

    1. Thanks for the post and the mention. It’s true, the doors are open now, I wish young people in the UK would read this and realise that the path is open to them also. Up and down but never back. No siweD.earnDawn recently posted..

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