Why Eyes see Everything Upside Down?


Our Eyes see everything, every objects upside down, picked from one of the Medical Answering Service.

During vision, the image of any particle enters cornea and then lens of eyes and reaches back of the eye called, retina.

The retina is part of the brain and acts as a medium (transducer) in converting photons (patterns of light) to neuronal signals.

Any image or object when reaches retina, it will be inverted because, the image refracted through the convex lens, will be flipped and inverted when reaches retina (at the back of eye).

However, the image received at retina is inverted, it’s the brain which understands and adapts sensory information and fits it straight as it knows well.

The brain takes raw inverted information and turns into right image.

Here, the image hits at retina is flat, 2D projection.

The brain combines these patterns and forms 3D image of the object in mind.

Around 6-7 million cone photo-receptor (responsible for colored vision)cells are found at the center of retina.

Similarly rode cells (black and white vision) are found closely at retina.

Some studies states, new born babies might see everything upside down for few days, because their brain will take time to learn in flipping raw visual information.

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