Ever noticed cat’s eyes on roads!.


Cats are the most widely used pet animals in everyone’s home than dogs, which is one of the best information about animal cat.

The reflective studs (which reflects light during night) in roads are known as “cat’s eyes“, since the invention originated by the reflection of light from cat’s eyes.

Cat’s eye is a safety device used in road marking, which is originated in UK.

Cats were worshiped as God by ancient Egyptians.

These cats used to rub people and leave scent, in order to recognize their ownership.

Cat’s heart beats 120 to 180 times a minute, which is twice as that of human heart.

Group of cats is called as “clowder“.

Normally cats sleep for 16 hours a day.

Some cats may die or get sick from eating chocolates.

Japan has more black cats, since they are considered as lucky.

Cats can make 100 different noises like “mewww“, where dogs can make only 10.

The cat flap in doors was invented by Sir Issac Newton.

Each cat has unique nose print, like unique finger print in humans.

Since, cats don’t have a collarbone, they can fit into any opening of their head size.

Cats have excellent night vision, which is 6 times better than humans.

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