Ever heard of night shining clouds!.


Night shining clouds are visible at higher altitudes in a dark night sky, which are also known as “noctilucent” and is one among the World News Articles.

These night shining clouds are seen at high latitudes (in mesosphere – above atmosphere) about 45 degrees N or S, from May to August in Northern Hemisphere and during November to February in Southern Hemisphere.

The reason behind this shining cloud nature is, due to sun’s uv rays refracted over the ice crystals, which are formed on fine dust particles from meteors.

These clouds form when the temperature is too low and water is available in air.

In the higher altitude, temperature of air will be very low (-210°F (-134°C)) and contains water/ice crystals.

Since the temperature of air is very low at the poles, these clouds would be visible in poles and areas of high altitude.

These Noctilucent clouds are the Earth’s highest clouds known.

Research from NASA’s AIM spacecraft reports, these Noctilucent clouds are like “Geophysical Light Bulb“, which appears in late spring for the period of 5 to 10 days.

Studies states that, massive Noctilucent clouds were blanketing Antarctica, as tiny burst of electric blue, expanded and covering the entire continent.

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