Elephant communicates with their feet!.


Elephants are the largest known land animal which listens other Elephant’s signal, protection through feet and ears and is one of the amazing fact about animal Elephant.

When an Elephant wants to speak, it creates low frequency rumbling sound which generates seismic waves/vibrations in the ground and travels around 20 miles along the surface of the earth.

Other Elephant could recognize these vibrations through their feet and can realize them as warning signals from a far distance.

Studies says, these communications could be generally, “Greetings”, “Let’s Go” and “Warning” signals.

Some Elephants use their ear as an air conditioner. And each Elephant has unique ears.

These Elephants could Smell the water from 3 miles away.

Interestingly, Elephants have pulse rate of 27.

Though Elephants have large ears, they have poor hearing sense.

An average Elephant lives for around 70 years. They spend 16 hours eating in a single day.

They sleep for around 5 hours at night and has the ability to sleep while standing.

An Elephant’s trunk is so sensitive, as it could lift a raw egg from the ground without breaking the shell.

They can drink 80 gallons of water in a single day and can store up-to 5 quarts of water in their trunk.

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