Dogs sweat through their feet pads!..


Dogs are known to be the common pet animal for many years.  They are kept as pets more likely than cat, parrot and other animals, which is included under information about animals.

These Dogs sweat through the paw pads of their feet. This is because dogs have a small amount of sweat glands.

The primary source of heat exchange in Dog happens through panting (quick and heavy breathes).

The secondary method is Vasodilation (Passing of hot blood cells to the skin surface to cool before entering the heart).

However, heat exchange happens very less through feet pads.

Dogs serve as the best security force for house, hotels and guest buildings because of their great size and strength.

They can hear sounds which are not clear to humans(humans hear at 2000 Hertz, while dogs hear sounds clearly at 8000 Hz).

Usually dogs sleep for nearly 10 hours a day, while new born puppies sleep 90% of the time.

It is found that, dogs which live in cities live longer than dogs of countryside.

German Shepherds are often seen with Police force because of their high intelligence levels, explore surroundings, loyalty and courage.

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