Dead man’s fingers grow from decaying wood!.


Xylaria Polymorpha is also known as “Dead man’s fingers“, since the fungus appears like,  man’s fingers growing from woodland, which is one of the significant World News Articles topic.

Xylaria” simply means growing on wood and ” Polymorpha ” means multiple or many forms and hence the name.

These fungus grows in the forest, from injured or rotting stumps, decayed woods and stems.

As it carries the name Polymorpha, the fruit bodies can take variable shapes and sizes in the ground they grow.

The Genus Xylaria has around 100 species of cosmopolitan fungi.

These fungus are found with separate digits and fused fingers based on the season and atmospheric condition.

During initial stage, it is pale or bluish in color with a white tip.  However, as the season changes to summer, it begins to blacken and gets dried out when it meets the season end.

During spring, the fungus produces bluish or white asexual spores known as conidia, that grows on its surface area or surroundings.

The dark fungus body is made up of small structures called perithecia, which contains ascospores (sexual spore-bearing cell).

This kind of spore is associated with ascomycetes fungi types.

This fungus comes under inedible variety of species.

Many of the fungi with this type comprises both asexual (via conidiospores) and sexual (via ascospores)reproduction.

These fungus are found to arise with 3 to 6 fingers, which can be bent and give impression to the outside world.

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