Curiosity Rover in search of past life on Mars!.


Curiosity Rover of NASA is searching the secrets of past life on Mars to unveil the hidden information as a Latest news international to this world.

Recently, the mission has started searching for the iron core called Hematite at the Vera Rubin Ridge to find the existence of Murray mountains in Mars.

The iron core Hematite (harder than pure iron), which can form in wet weather or from standing water could reveal the secrets of past life existence on the planet.

This Hematite could also form without water, as a result of volcanic eruptions.

Hematite bearing rocks on Mars could give clue or information about ancient environments, where the presence of water-related clay and sulfate minerals in layers are also found closely with the Compact Reconnaissance Imaging technology.

Scientists of NASA are in search of hematite flakes, to find whether they are deposited by wind, or in a lake or from some other source.

Digging this information could reveal spots of alien life on Mars.

In the first phase of Vera Rubin Ridge campaign, scientists could reveal the information about sedimentary structures in the wall.

The Murray formation of lower Mount sharp holds the evidence of ancient lakes, scientists say.

Still the unknown information is whether the Hematite is in Murray formation or accumulated under different environmental conditions.

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