Do Billiard balls were made from Ivory?


Billiards is the sport originated in England and played among many countries such as France, US, Japan, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan, South Korea, etc.,

This is the first sport to conduct world championship in history, ever decided by courts as per the sports news headlines of all time.

Billiards is evolved from a lawn game during 15th century, where it became popular at the time of British Empire.

In early days, Billiard balls were made of ivory, which is before the invention of new-age plastics and celluloid.

The game is a cue sport played with one object ball (red) and two cue balls (white and yellow), between two players.

The word “cue” is derived from French meaning tail and this pool game is one of the safest game in  the world.

The first Billiard room (also called pool room)was built in England, where it has One-pocket and four balls.

Mostly Billiards is played with 3 balls, consisting of a red, white and yellow.

It was during Billiards Golden age, where world’s largest Billiard hall was built, consisting 103 tables, 88 bowling lanes, 3 manicuring stands, 14 cigar stands, 20 barber chairs, a restaurant with 300 seats, an exhibition room with theater seating, etc,.

Until 1920, Carom games dominated American Billiards, where Billiards was dead and a dying sport in those days.

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