About Us


SASAAND (Specific and Advanced Scholar Acknowledged with Attitude, Nature and Delivery), is one of the best and popular online platform, which is intend to deliver information to the audience around the world.

We are stepped in 2015 as a Online Source to reveal interests and information.

We are likely to extend our service and experience to majority of common people. The main purpose to start this service is to deliver interesting facts or trends happening around us to every people in the globe.

We believe “Learning has no Age, no Restriction, no Religion or Caste”.

“You learn everyday, you become more wise.”

Sasaand welcomes all people and their comments every day, every second as 365/24/7.

Our aim is to reach maximum number of audience with the short period and thus we improve user experience.

We keep updates about trends and facts very frequently almost every month, every week, every day to experience as the best online resource.

We have technical teams working for the public interest from nook and corner.

Whenever you wish your post to be submitted in our website, there is no restriction, you can just post an inquiry about your contents. Our Technical team will access your data and acknowledge you with the earliest possible time.

We review and collect information from various sources like journals, news, magazines, articles, press, online reviewers, bookmarks, directories, discussions, sales and service businesses, historical books, scientific publishers and other online and offline community service providers.

Our service is completely focused on public interest and for the public rather for Search engine or website promotions.

We don’t hesitate to build our products and features in upgrading the service in future.

“Your growth is not judged with your age, body or capital you have, but by the knowledge you have and experience you gained.”


Our Mission

Sasaand’s Mission is to deliver genuine contents and information to our valuable audience within very short time period to have a better user experience and reliability.


Our Vision

Sasaand’s Vision is to dedicate knowledge or update millions of users both technically and non-technically about the trends and facts happening around us.

Invent new things, Discover the things you see, Learn and Update each and every second.

Sincere Thanks to:

Raj -> The website Core Designer

Manoj -> The website Core Developer

Mani -> Supporting Developer of website

Sabari -> Supporting Developer of website

Manikandan -> Supporting Tester of website

Thangam -> Supporting Adviser of website