3D Printed cast for healing bones faster!.


The 3D printed cast named Osteoid was created by Turkish Industrial designer Deniz Karasahin (winner of 2014 Golden A’Design Award) for healing bones 40% to 80%  faster than traditional methods, which is one of the latest technology inventions.

Since traditional plaster casts failed to meet the success rate in healing bones, the Turkish student created this remarkable device.

This ultrasonic vibration therapy method were in use previously, but was not considered effective by doctors, because of the problem with vibration movements.

The 3D printed cast was incorporated with 3D printing and ultrasonic technology to perform the mechanism more bearable.

The Low Intensity Pulsed Ultra Sound system LIPUS, which is combined with cast produces ultrasonic vibration, when ultrasonic drivers are directly placed on the skin.

For every 20 minutes a day,  this healing process performs 40% faster than conventional method.

Some fractures last long for more than 3-6 months were improved by 80% with this treatment.

The ventilation holes in this cast prevents smell and itching from that of traditional casts.

This 3D printed casts were water resistant, lighter, reliable, affordable and Eco-friendly in nature.

The device is provided with different fits for each individual requirement using a modeling software and are customized with varying data.

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